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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

*How much space do you need? Not much at all. Usually around 4ft x 4ft for my props and myself. The livingroom or family room always a good place. You will also need a place for the children to sit comfortably.

*Do you need a table? No. I bring my own suitcase table that folds up for my use.

*Can you perform your show outdoors? Yes I can, as long as weather permits and it is in a shaded area for the comfort of your guests and the protection of my props. If it is windy, my props may blow away and this is not good weather for outdoor performing. It's always safer indoors and there are less distractions.

*Can we serve food and snacks during your show? I do not recommend serving food directly before or during the show as this is not only a distraction, drinks and plates will tend to get knocked over as I have several volunteers during my show and the children are very active through out. I wouldn't want there to be any mess that you would have to clean up.

*Do you require a Deposit? Absolutely not! You don't pay until the day of your child's party. I do ask that payment is made immediately following the show, as I usually have another show to go to and time can be tight.

*Can I take photo's/video of your performance? Yes, I hope you take several pictures during my show so that you and your family can remember this Once In A Lifetime event. I also encourage you to post them on Face Book and my Face Book page for all your family and friends to see.

*When is a good time to start your show during the party? A good rule of thumb is to have my show start about 30 minutes after the party is scheduled to start. This allows for any late arrivals and keeps from having to interrupt the show and possibly can make the late arrivals from feeling like they have missed out on something.

*If I am running behind or anticipating late arrivals, can you wait around until everyone has arrived? Unfortunately I usually have another show scheduled and travel time can be tight. I try and make accommodations when I can, but most of the time I am unable to wait longer than 10 minutes before starting the show from the booked time.

*What is a good age to have a Magic Birthday Party? Usually around 4 year old children begin to enjoy a themed birthday party. Younger children don't understand and can't follow magic and storytelling. They also prove difficult to sit in one location long enough, and will run through the show and become a distraction.